Sunday, July 19, 2009

We've officially started our own family!

Now, it's not the news most of you would be interested in - but Ben and I did decide to make a few additions to our family. Since we're not in a place to be able to have children at this point in - we thought pets would be a good alternative. After much convincing and a good set of negiotiating skills - I convinced Ben that we should get not one but TWO male red-heeler crossbred puppies! I've added a few pictures to commerate the event! Firstly - this is "Dad" on the way to collar our puppies to signify that they are not able to be given away.

I think the exact words were, "I'm just trying to keep my wife happy!" All you other newly wed-women out there, just remember - it may take some time, but eventually you'll get him trained. Let's just hope the puppies are this easy to train!

I did not include pictures of all the puppies in the litter, but each puppy looks like a different breed. This first picture is our Gunnar. His hair is a mix of brown/black and will probably be a longer haired boy. Gunnar is the biggest in the litter and has monster feet, so we're anticipating this being our "Big Boy" and is quite the snuggler. Ben has already marked a claim on Gunnar as his buddy.

This is Gage and he has the marking that most resemble his momma, Zoey. Contrast to Gunnar, Gage is very short haired and is quite ornery. He loves to play and bark, I'm anticipating him being quite the handful and definitely being the naughty one of the two. I have a feeling Gage and I will be great companions, I can't wait!

Gunnar and Gage aren't quite old enough to be weaned yet, so they are staying with my mom and dad in Gaylord for at least a few more weeks. This should also suffice Kaitlynn, as she is having a hard time letting the puppies leave for their new owners. Once we have figured out where our next journey is going to take us - Gunnar and Gage will join us and we'll begin the daunting task of potty training. While we hope that they could eventually become outdoor dogs - we'll most likely crate train them and get them acclimated to apartment living, "Just in case."
If you are aware, this is the 4th and 5th "Grandchild" for Craig and Regina - as we already have Sheba, Lucy and Macy in the clan (Amanda, Lyndsey (& Matt) and Anna's female dogs) - adding Gunnar and Gage will only add to the madness, since to date Bandit is the only male dog at the Williams'. We are definitely looking forward to the boys meetings their "cousins" in the near future.
We'll definitely be providing picture updates of the boys!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby news!

Uncle Ben and Aunt Corineah recently received a phone call from Nana and Papa Godsey announcing the newest addition to Corineah's side of the family on Tuesday morning! My sister, Emily, went into labor about 2 1/2 weeks early and delivered our new neice after about 10 hours of labor! In addition to being extremely unprepared, Emily was also very upset that she wasted her catfish filets because her water broke about 7:30 on Monday evening as she sat down to eat supper. Here are a few pictures, visit my facebook page to view the rest!

With that being said, Ben basically had to hide the keys from me to keep me in Lincoln until Tuesday afternoon. We made a quick trip home last night to see Mommy and Honey. Ben also got some night fishing in with Grady and Spencer. We were back in-time for Ben to put in about 4 hours this afternoon.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures: Nana Godsey holding baby "Honey Christine" who was 8 lbs. 1 oun. and 18 3/4 in. long. Everyone has to fight Nana for their shot at the baby. Papa Darin couldn't hang out with us in the hospital because we're in full swing wheat harvest. But he was almost all night with Emily through labor and then had to go back to work yesterday morning, but we caught up with him after he got off work!
This is actually Kenya after being acquainted with Honey for a couple of hours, giving "Baby Sister" a few kisses.

Aunt Kait finally got her turn to hold the baby and used the breast feeding pillow to help her support the baby.

More kisses from big sister.

This is the best picture of the baby, with her eyes open. She has an olive complexion just like her older sister. Very pretty, but not as much hair as Kenya. We hope it will be as curly as pretty as Kenya's.

Emily's family picture with the girls and Honey's daddy, Anthony.

Kenya just met her little sister, Honey. Kenya was missing Mommy very much and didn't really care about the baby at this point. She eventually wanted to "HOLD MY BABY SISTER!"

Uncle Ben took his turn with Honey, but if you can tell - he was quite unsure of himself. Kenya loves playing with her Uncle Ben and I can venture to guess Honey will be the same. Kids just love him!
Finally, Aunt Corineah got to take her turn with baby Honey. She was very tiny - and I was well informed that I know nothing about babies and have a lot to learn before we have our own.
That's about it for us, Ben's visiting friends this weekend while I dog-sit and study for my defense. I'll update next week my progress and stay tuned, I'm travelling to Quebec next weekend for a few days! Hope your enjoy your 4th of July weekends!