Thursday, February 17, 2011

A really great gift...

Ben was presented this art piece from his senior judging team at last week's Little International Agriculturalist of the Year Banquet. It's absolutely I can't wait to make it a focal point somewhere in the house.

It's hard to imagine how beautiful it you should click here to see. The poem and photos of the heifers are laser printed on a cow hide and set in a beautiful western frame. This will forever be a reminder of the great students that Ben (and I) have the chance to get to know and grow to love during this adventure. If you remember last year, he received an equally beautiful color pencil print of a hampshire ewe lamb shown by a member of that team that proudly hangs in his office at NDSU. We truly appreciate these sentiments and smile each time we think of a little funny story about the team that year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just in case any one's doing some REALLY early Christmas shopping.

I won't say its because of my new found love of quilting (I won't jump on that boat yet) but I do think that I will be sewing for a LONG I think its reasonable to ask for this to be added to my Christmas (or birthday because that comes sooner) list.

You can find it here. I would like the 18 x 24 size. Its universal. And totally awesome. Plus I can store it.....since I won't have a designated sewing room any time in the foreseeable future.

Also - I'm starting my sewing wish list. Just so you know.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The new adventure

Last night was my first quilting class. Let's just say, it would have been helpful to know all the appropriate terminology and sewing techiques back when I first started sewing 6 months ago. I sure learned alot, and so did my teacher.

With the encouragement of my co-worker, I signed up for a Beginner 101 Quilting Class at the Quilted Ladybug in Moorhead. It meets for the next three Mondays for 3 hours in the evening and by the time the class is over, I will have pieced together my first quilt! YEAH for me!!!

Unfortunately for Ben, I loved it! He should have known by my ever growing stash of fabric in the office at home. I was in fabric heaven here - and thankfully, almost every receipt from our local grocery store has a 20% off coupon printed on the back.....can't resist a sale!

I can't show you the progress right now, mostly because it took three hours for me to learn how to use all the tools I've accumulated the right way. Who knew my rotary cutter was reversible for a lefty? Or that there is a correct direction the bottom bobbin thread was supposed to go?

This session, I learned how to use my ruler and rotary mat (yes, I know it should be pretty self explanatory BUT I really thought my rotary mat with the lines could double as a ruler......WRONG!) to cut perfect strips. To SUBCUT.....look that one up in Webster's dictionary. And to make both a 9-patch and a 4-patch quilt block with NO sewing pins, and never touching the fabric on the ironing board with my hands!

To make the experience even more like a class........I have homework. Homework. I have to put together 60 4-patch quilt blocks by next Monday's class. Please do not call me on Sunday. I beg you.

We (there are only 2 people in my class, which is good because I require ALOT of personal attention) are being taught out of this book.....I highly recommend it even if you are a veteran sewer/quilter. The book has a lot of pictures, tips and "OH crap moments" that reassure you that you can do it! The back section is even devoted to teaching you how to adjust patterns and how much fabric you should typically purchase for each size of bed.

Anyway, I'm very excited. Eventually, I'll get those centerpieces from our wedding put together into the keep-sake quilt I've been talking about for almost three years. But at the speed of my rotary cutter - it may take another three to just get it done. Stay tuned.