Saturday, August 29, 2009

We got the JOB on the brain.

We (its a team sport, right?) officially made it through the first week with students! It would be more accurate to say Ben made it through the first week, but its an accomplishment none-the-less. This fall Ben has two teaching responsibilities that include a group of 7 kids on the senior team and then another 21 in the junior evaluation class. Contrary to the programs that Ben went through, livestock evaluation is a required course in some animal science options when students are pursuing a degree in animal science from NDSU. This simply means, he will have the opportunity to interact and hopefully capture the attention of more students who may have not been interesting in livestock judging, but enjoyed the class and subsequently changed their minds.

This week the students evaluated some of the school's pigs and spent Friday night in the reason's room. NDSU has the good fortune of having a nice swine teaching/research herd that has Duroc, Hampshire and Yorkshire influence. Today (Saturday) the kids are on their first weekend workout of the fall at a nearby open show in Lisbon, North Dakota (don't quote me on the state - the close proximity of Minnesota makes it hard for me to keep track).

I, myself, had plans of my own this weekend. I have been lucky enough to score two job interviews this week! (YEAH!) I'm trying to stay focused on preparing a presentation, looking up information on Cass Co., ND and the demographics of the community, county and state to be more prepared for ND agriculture! It would be nice to finally get myself into a routine, meet some people and get involved (a paycheck would also be a huge BONUS)! Don't get me wrong, I would never turn down a good nap, but my sleeping habits are off kilter and I'm beginning to talk to myself!

We haven't purchased a new laptop yet, but its coming soon. We have the good fortune of Ben's job supplying him with a both a laptop and desktop for use, so I can borrow both the internet and the hardware until we get it replaced!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick briefs...

We have had a very very busy July and August, so I apologize for my lack of communication skills. Here are a few tidbits of "Ben and Corineah news".

1. We moved - to Fargo, ND (as in North Dakota). We lucked out on an "sight-unseen" apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (with the exception of the 3rd floor business).

2. Ben started his new job - he's the livestock judging coach and animal science instructor at NDSU, he has his first meeting with the team today.

3. I finished my M.S. degree, but am currently un-employed. We'll let you know when that situation changes.

4. We got back recently from a trip to Indiana, Ben judged the market lamb showmanship at the Indiana State Fair. He was great!

5. While in Indiana - our car got broken into and my laptop was stolen. Hence, the lack of communication (I'm updating the blog from the local branch of the Fargo Library). Looking forward to having a computer back soon!

6. We are in the process of updating our phone plans, so that we can visit with more people on the phone without going over our minutes (it only took one $200+ phone bill to realize that we needed to make a change).

7. We are excited for any and all possible visitors to ND, it's really pretty this right now. I'd recommend coming before winter unless you plan an extended stay!

This will have to do for now, I'll give a more indepth update once I have my internet back. I'd like to send a quick shout out to all our friends and family back in school, GOOD LUCK!