Friday, July 29, 2011

Babe, we got grubs.

We've been hustling and bustling lately, getting ready for the big move. But, just like Ben and I, the homestead place seems to slowly breaking down........................let me tell you about a few 'joys' of homeownership' we've faced in the last month. I hope you laugh.

First, I (Corineah) broke the lawnmower - for good. Like its not coming back to life. No new battery will save it. No sweet-talking will convince her to come back for one more try. Really, its been a work in progress......which stinks now that I have to PUSH mow the whole lawn. I guess the owners manuel is quite clear about what will happen if you run the mower out of oil. Oops.

We got a new push lawn mower. I hate it. Not only does it take 3 times as long to mow the yard, I can't zoom around like the crazy nascar driver I aspire to be. Fortunately, Ben feels bad about making me mow the whole yard by myself and has come to my rescue.

We got grubs. The white ones. The kind that can kill your yard. That kind. We treated them. You know this pesticide license I got when I became an extension agent is the best $75 the county ever paid for :) Now the robins and barn-swallows hate us. Just ask them.

The flourescent light in our entry way can't decide if it wants to burn out or not. Not a big deal. But - a realtor did break the back screen door when she was showing the house earlier this summer. She blamed a faulty door install. We told her she had to hang onto the door when there was 45 mph winds. She paid for the new door.

We've donated everything that is possible to donate in our house. Even a couple of things I was sure we'd go to the grave with. For instance, Ben's quesadilla maker. Along with a corona lamp from college and an old comforter - I think we gave away every last shred of stuff he brought into the marriage. That's kindof sad - no bachelor items anymore.

We're down to setting the television on a dining room chair because we gave away the entertainment center. Hope Mom and Dad are ready for the schnanigans they are about to drive into. But in case I forget, thanks for coming to our rescue Mom and Dad. We owe you. BIG.