Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a hiatus we took!

Finally, after the last few months - we've started to settle in back down in KANSAS and get in a rhythm of life.

Here's a quick update, in case your wondering:

1. We moved at the beginning of August. Back to Kansas, in Hutchinson, to be exact.

2. I got a teaching job in Haven, just 15 miles south of Hutchinson. I'm in charge of the FFA program and teach 5 high schools ag classes and one middle school ag class each day.

3. We sold our house in North Dakota, the papers were signed and we got our check on September 1st.

4. We've had houseguests - sleeping on the floor. We haven't got our bedrooms fully set up yet.

5. I haven't even had time to make a trip home. Or to see my puppy. Hopefully soon.

6. In addition to teaching classes, I also have to TAKE classes to get a teaching license. Which leaves little time for supper, dishes and laundry. But I'm not complaining.

Anyway, I should return to my online meeting/training that I'm supposed to be diligently watching. I promise to update again soon!