Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lot One: Labor Day Wedding

A few weeks ago (okay more than a month, but whatever) my good friend Andrea (remember from an earlier post?) took the plunge at got married. Now I wasn't blessed with the photographic chops as some of my family and friends - but I did capture a few shots of their reception. I included the good ones and Andrea - hopefully I can get these printed and sent to you soon.

The one picture I was sad I didn't get was the one with my date and I. My dad doesn't get to excited about flashing camera bulbs and I wasn't able to get one off before he darted. He was uncharacteristically quiet at this wedding (the first one since mine) he must have dealt with flash-backs and nightmares. Just kidding, I'm the last person Dad needs to get grief from - Love you Dad! (And of course, you too Mom).

I've veered from my topic, let's rescend:

I loved all the personal country touches, including this picture from their engagement session. I'd credit the photographer - but I'm not sure who it was! If you peak back to my teaser post you'll notice the wooden background behind that gorgeous cake - if I'm not mistaken, Lance (the groom) made that himself. I wish I had a better picture of the table decorations - but I'm sure the Wilson's wheat crop was slightly less than a typical year in preparation for her wedding. I loved the wheat chaff and candles as centerpieces. Plus the little chocolate favors were very cute! Oh, oh, oh - and the burlap (the source will remain anonymous for safety and no other purpose) draped across the wooden ceiling beams were genious. Lots of creativity went into this wedding - your wedding decorator should just change her name to J.Lo and charge for her service (most of you won't appreciate the inside joke - just ignore it and move on).

The newly proclaimed Mr. and Mrs. Kendig at the reception. The sweet corn was the best treat. After putting up a meager 8 dozen myself in early September - could I truly appreciate the effort it took to feed more than 200 people!

I tried to steal a sweet moment for the newlyweds. Mission failed, my flash is delayed....this is what I got. Nevertheless, she looked beautiful. Very classic bride indeed!

I always like the Father/Daughter Dance and the Mother/Son dance. I think its one of the most important traditions carried out at the wedding dance. Its a nice moment, after all the chaos, to share a moment with one of your biggest fans. I'm glad Andrea got to share that with her dad.

Of course, a final rite of passage involved in the wedding celebration. I got the shot at a PC (politically correct) angle - "ALL FUN, NO GUN". I just hope her's won't become a permenant fixture on one of her husband's buddies rear-view mirror. How embarrassing!
You didn't think I'd reveal all our news in one blog did you? You'll have to keep checking back on the other stories (This gives me a reason to close my office door, turn up the music and unwind during my lunch hour - indulge me).
Have a good weekend!

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