Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick tour through the house.

I know that both Mom and Grandma had intentions on taking photos of the house decorated for the rest of the crew to see...............but we got busy. So I took some shots last night for them.

This isn't a complete list, but these are the semi-clean rooms in the house that I could take photos off.

My bathroom upstairs is decorated in the very girly, "powder room" sort of way. I have soft pink paisley shower curtains and pink and green decorations.

This is considered the "parent's room" for right now. Both my mom and Ben's mom have claimed this room as their's when they stay....so hopefully we can get an arrangment worked out when they come at the same time. It's hard to take pictures of the rooms because of all the nooks.....I'll have to do another update once I finish my large list of curtains for the house. In the meantime................enjoy the old curtains I still tote around with us since Sophomore year of college.

The green room is the other upstairs bedroom. As you can see from both photos, the floors are hardwood - which I love. I'm having a hard time putting alot of effort into decorating the walls because we hope to have to repaint and decorate for little ones sometime in the future. So we had fun strategically placing decorations we already own in each of these rooms.

Downstairs, we have yet to commit to wall-furnishings. Mostly because our contractor is supposed to be hanging sheet-rock up the stairs as I type this post. You can see our new sitting area chairs and the couch/loveseat set we spent months debating on. Again, once things settle down - I'll get back to work picking out fabric for curtains.

This final picture is just a sneak peak at the dining room. I'm not ready to show everyone yet - because we are still in the middle of painting.....but I did get my red wall. My beautiful, deep, rich and did I mention beautiful red wall? I love it.....maybe this weekend I'll get the rest painted and then show you.
I'll take you on another tour later, there are another handful of rooms that needed a good dousing of cleaning before they are featured on film.

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  1. Can't wait to see it in person...beautiful home C! :)