Thursday, February 17, 2011

A really great gift...

Ben was presented this art piece from his senior judging team at last week's Little International Agriculturalist of the Year Banquet. It's absolutely I can't wait to make it a focal point somewhere in the house.

It's hard to imagine how beautiful it you should click here to see. The poem and photos of the heifers are laser printed on a cow hide and set in a beautiful western frame. This will forever be a reminder of the great students that Ben (and I) have the chance to get to know and grow to love during this adventure. If you remember last year, he received an equally beautiful color pencil print of a hampshire ewe lamb shown by a member of that team that proudly hangs in his office at NDSU. We truly appreciate these sentiments and smile each time we think of a little funny story about the team that year.

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