Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remember that quilting class I took?

Remember that class? The three weeks and three hours/night quilting class I took? I somehow managed to get the top of the quilt done. And now I'll show you how.........

These were the fabrics I choose. Like many of my friends, I love anything that incorporates turquoise into the mix. To make it even better, I added brown....who doesn't love turqouise and brown?

Many steps were condensed to get to the squares you see here. But basically the meat of the quilt is made up on blocks of either the printed fabric or those pink/turq. blocks we put together. The homework from the first session was to have the strips cut and blocks made. 60 pink/turq. blocks to be exact, along with 60 printed blocks.

Homework from the second session included sewing all the blocks together to construct the face of the quilt. If you can see here, my printed fabric had a definite direction it had to be laid in - because it had a verse written across the fabric. The pink/turq. squares had to be arranged so that each print set of blocks were angling down through the quilt.During the final session we put the border and edging around the center of the quilt. Its not quite as easy as it looks since I had a directionally printed fabric. Thank goodness I had help.

Here's the finished product. I only have to decide what backing fabric I want and how I want to have it quilted. Most likely it will be machine quilted - I don't have the patience to do it myself.
All in all, it wasn't as difficult as I thought. Plus, I learned alot about general sewing techniques that I should have learned several sets of curtains ago. However, the class has created a monster and I'm alittle too excited to find time to start another one.


  1. Corineah, that is amazing. I am impressed! Can't see what the next one will be like.