Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letting our Northern hang out.

We engaged in a "Northern-like" activity last night - hockey. It was quite an adventure for us since we had a) never been to a hockey game, b) knew the rules of hockey or c) even seen hockey played in any venue other than Mighty Ducks I through X.

An announcement was sent through the wire about free tickets to the Fargo Force Hockey team (from what we could gather it is a regional hockey league filled with 18-20 yr. old testosterone enraged boys hoping to play in college or the NHL in the future). An employee of NDSU, family of NDSU employees, friends of NDSU employees or person who likes NDSU could get an unlimited number of free tickets.

So we hurried home, stopped by the rink to pick up 2 free tickets (the rink is right next to our apartment complex) and the back home to bundle up. What for you ask - well, in case you forgot - WE LIVE IN THE ARTRIC TUNDRA! These days we're lucky to escape temps in the negative numbers, and well - I had to dress for the "getting there" and "leaving there" more than the actual game (I think that's the right word).

So we trudged off, wearing (me) long johns, wool socks, 2 layers of long sleeves, gloves, my scarf and winter coat to experience hockey.
Since we did get free tickets, we decided to splurge on a few "adult beverages" to enjoy during the match-up. It was just a few because at roughly $6.00/each - you know. Our other alternative was to join the $20 Busch Light Party Pit, but even then you'd have to drink ALOT of Busch Light to justify that cost.

Now, just when you think - wow, I've finally found a sporting event where I'm not distracted by scantily clad women prancing around shouting "GO TEAM" - you get blindsided by 7 of them cheering for the players to "Poke their Eyes out" and other such nonsense. Can you believe even hockey has cheerleaders?
We sat in total awe - watching those guys warm up all the while hoping people don't look at us funny because we're a) not from North Dakota and b) not avid hockey fans. I think we did a good job faking it - except for the few times Ben leaned over and not so quietly said "I hope they do the flying V" or "They should really do the flying V".
It really took me awhile to warm up to this idea of our potential kids playing hockey in the distant future. I sat through the entire first period cringing and saying "Oh my" everytime a kid got slammed into the wall or had his feet taken out from under him. I couldn't believe that some kids actually go for the jugular rather than the puck.
It slowly evolved over the course of the 2nd and 3rd period to "Poke their eyes out" and "Kill 'em" just like all the other fans. I actually found the most entertaining part of the game when the referees had to fly across the rink to break up a fight. It was all the more entertaining when gloves and sticks starting flying.

This was the closest I got to finding the Flying V for Ben to see.

This final picture is of one of oh, 100 fights that occurred during the roughly 2 hours of play. We began to pick out the "fighters" on each team and wait in anticipation for the turn on the ice.
All in all - we'd probably go back. Especially if we find some more cheap or FREE tickets. And who knows, maybe we'll become fans - after all there's not alot of options during the winter up here!

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  1. I looks like you guys fit in quite well! I can definitely see you as a hockey mom one day!