Friday, June 11, 2010

I made it to 25....can you believe it?

It's official. I finally made it to the quarter-century mark. The big 2-5.

It's been a busy couple of weeks with work, the house, a new pet and life. So we didn't actually do too much celebrating on my actual birthday. Except for receiving this beauty.

I've been known to play around with the sewing machine. I have NO formal training, but Grandma Delpha has helped me sew blankets on occasion. But this spring when I atttempted to put my algebra skills to the test - I found a new hobby that I could see myself enjoying quite a bit! Sew..............(haha) I had hinted to Ben that I would like my own machine to do work on and WAL-LAH! there, sitting on my kitchen table on Monday morning was my very own "beginners" sewing machine. To be honest, I have only had time to take it out and admire it......but I do plan on tackling some curtains, pillows and table runners in the new house as soon as we

pick carpet, paint, furniture, light fixtures, and the list goes on....................................

I also got treated to dinner last night at Johnny Carino's Italian Grill (our first free night home at the same time). Ben always jokes that I could have been born Italian (which suits me perfectly because of my desperate plea for a Mafia family to adopt me) because of my love for pasta and bread. I would suggest visiting Carino's..........its delicioso! Plus, the bread with olive oil and herb makes my mouth water even though I had two loaves and technically consumed 3 days worth of calories during my evening meal there. Trust me.........................go here, just DOOOOOOOOOOO it.

We also purused around Home Depot for goodies for the new house. Ben claims I'm the worst window shopper of all time because I see something and I immediately "need it." But much to his dismay I was really hesitant about making any decisions about the house until we decide the paint color and carpet color. I never really thought about how much thought it takes to redecorate, renovate or build a house. Its tough stuff. We walked out with two non-descript ceiling fans for the upstairs bedrooms.....rooms that will probably not be used on a regular basis. That was a decision we felt wouldn't necessarily have to reflect the theme for the rest of the house. I know, we're wusses. I'll deal with it.

Finally, possibly the best gift of all..........I got a contractor. Ben got me a contractor. We have a plan set, an estimate agreed upon and are just waiting for him to start. It's starting to come together - we may actually have a house soon.

Today, Friday, the office threw me a picnic to celebrate the end of my birthday week. I asked for steaks, but got hotdogs (beef at least)......but I won't complain, I gobbled mine up like a starving kid. It was kindof a dreary day for a BBQ, but we were able to snag a shelter and enjoy being out of the office for a few hours. There were many best parts of the meal: the beans that I strategically dipped with my wavy potato chips, the cherry coke with real cherries poured in and the smores with Reese's PB cups. Plus, I was surprised with a bouquet of flowers from my wonderful husband who joined us.

All-in-all I think it was a wonderful birthday. I am thankful for the wonderful people we're surrounded by and the extended family we're developing up here in North Dakota. While there is no substitute for our real families - it is nice to have someone to go to for advice, celebrate small milestones with or just discuss life's happenings with. I know both Mom and Dad and Craig and Regina would be pleased with the support people have show us up here and the care their giving us.

I couldn't have asked for better in a birthday - except for the upcoming visits from both real families that I'm anxiously awaiting. I just have to clean, plan the menu, plan activities and get a new outfit (yes, I'm serious - don't act surprised). And then impatiently await their arrival.

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