Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas crafts..........some day we'll have kids of our own to spoil.

For some bizarre reason, I have a need to torture myself and to subject myself to stress-induced herpes outbreak (just the fever blister, people.) However, with my amazing foresight and a little extra planning - I finished this year's round of home-made gifts for the little girls just after Thanksgiving.

A little extra information: Since my neice was born, I felt the need to give a hand-made gift each year in hopes that she has a little something to remember her auntie and uncle if something, God Forbid, ever happened. To make it even more complicated, I discovered that you should always include all the children in my gift creation, because it will save you from having to re-create it again later.

The first year it was de-coupaged photo frames, last year it was the ballerina inspired tu-tu.....but slowly, the projects have gotten more advanced. This year, since I received my sewing machine as a gift this year from the hubby, I wanted to flex my sewing chops. So, I ventured to the fabric store, coupons in hand, and found a child's apron in the SEWING FOR DUMMIES section. Easy enough right? It took an hour trying to find the perfect coordinating fabric that would suit each of the girls personalities....................

I should back-up and say that we fully intend the girls to use these aprons and not merely store them in the closet. Since I un-knowingly started a Godsey family tradition by decorating sugar cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, this will be a perfect occasion for the girls to be them to use!

This one belongs little Honey. The blue fabric is adorned with small pink chicken-like birds. In all of the girls aprons, I made a few adjustments to the pattern to make them a little more girly...I took some inspiration from the apron Ben bought for me last Christmas. The best thing about these little guys is that there is plenty of room to grow, since I added length to the waist tie.

Kait's is to reflect her more "flamboyent" personality. The whole fabric pattern has sparkles in it. Her pattern was further modified by the addition of a ruffled layer. There are small sparkly buttons and cute cartoon kitties all over her print.
Finally, miss Honey's was a turqouise based pattern with small bugs. Her's is my favorite color combination because of my particular affection for anything turqouise.

As is the usual fashion, I didn't have my camera on during Christmas this year. Hopefully Mom will supply me with some photos of the girls to share with everyone. In the meantime, Ben will be glad I didn't show you the photos with his upper leg as the apron model!
I'll let you know once my sewing machine and I relieve ourselves of our "seperation." It was a much needed break - but I did find lots of cute adult patterns that I'm willng to make people if they buy the fabric and give me a little time!


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  1. Great job on the aprons! Very cute. I'm sure the girls look adorable in them. Keep up the tradition.