Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The intended post......

Like I mentioned, one of my favorite personality/character traits that Ben possesses is his loyalty - which includes his loyalty to his personal beliefs and doing what it right......what makes this fact even more admirable is that other people notice and admire it about him as well.

Butler County Community College hosts a blog about all things agriculture put together by students in the Ag Ambassadors club. Once a month or so - the blog features an alumni of the college whom is out in the industry/back on the farm or ranch/or owns a business that exemplifies what Butler hopes to show the current student body are possible career avenues, alumni contacts for potential careers, or "movers and shakers" from the program.

This month, they featured Ben. What an honor, right? See the post here. Butler Agvocates - Butler Alumni: Be True to Yourself.

It was a bit embarrassing for Ben to see all of his accolades posted out there for the world to see - but I think he was even more humbled by the fact that the school recognizes him for his desire to treat people right, teach kids and do the right thing. Which is really truly something to be proud of - which I think he is fully aware.

So, here's a thanks to all that our Butler Community College has done for us - and keep on speaking on behalf of agriculture!

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