Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Progress...............20 weeks!

The days are starting to get hotter and my students are getting really antsy - which means summer is on it way!  Two milestones are occuring simultaneously around our place - the end of our first school year since our return to Kansas is QUICKLY approaching (and my first as a full time teacher) - and we're already past the 1/2 mark through our pregnancy. 

The above photo is from week 20 - which was actually last week.  THIS WEEK, we had our sonogram which has really allowed things to set in for us.  While I had been able to feel the baby moving for the past week or so - its not quite strong enough for Ben to feel/see anything.  So, for him to be able to see the baby actively moving, pointing and reaching for his/her toes really helped solidify the fact that we need to start making plans for baby! (For both of us!)

We decided to forego finding out the baby's gender - which was a much tougher decision than I had originally intended.  Shopping for gender neutral baby garb is tough - but ultimately I'm glad we choose to wait.  I anticipate it being one of the best surprises of our lives.  We have started to hash out baby names, room themes and ideas on cloth diapering - and we find ourselves laughing and disagreeing more than agreeing BUT we have very similar views on parenting so I'm confident we'll be just fine. 

Up to this point, I hadn't felt like sharing the progress of our pregnant belly because it had felt less pregnant and more "full".  But its very clearly a baby bump these days - which makes it easier to look at, shop for and photograph now that its clearly baby's home.  So expect more photos during the 2nd half of our pregnancy!

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  1. We LOVE cloth diapers!!! Go for it! If you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer whatever ya need!