Tuesday, February 28, 2012

True to form.

What a cliff hanger....I'm sorry that I left so many people in a lurch! 

True to form, my husband is a terrible secret keeper.  There's a reason why he doesn't buy my birthday or Christmas gifts more than a day or two in advance - not because he's a procrastinator (well maybe just a little) but because he gets so excited that he can't possibly keep it to himself.  There are two beautiful turquoise bracelets that were meant to be Christmas gifts that never made it past September.  Bless his heart.

So, even though I begged him to keep this secret for me........he's as bad a gossipy high school girl.  Just a text message or two later, most of western civilization had heard the news.  So incase you were gone that day - or it was my job to call, text or message you the news - here I am, breaking my own rule and sharing some pretty big news a whole week earlier than I wanted/planned.  What's that saying, "You want to see God laugh......tell him your plans!"?

In September, we will finally welcome a little one into our family of misfits.  Baxter and Bernice will become big brother/sister.  If that creeps you out - you should probably just not follow the blog for the next...................oh forever.  My plan was to keep it a secret for one more week, once we've sailed over the 13 week mark - but I decided when Ben told his judging team last night that I would probably get shanked if I didn't start letting "my people" know. 

We are over the moon excited, probably a little less excited than the again-to-be grandmas on both sides - but we are certainly ready for the challenge.  Within hours, some random lady at the grocery store knew after my mom heard the news.....and minutes within giving Regina the "go-ahead" on telling extended family - we received congratulatory texts from cousins and aunts 3 states away!  I'm not complaining, because if they weren't excited - they would be much better at keeping secrets.  At least Ben gets it natural :)....

So, again - if you aren't in the mood to listen to another pregnant lady ramble on about the woes and delights of her pregnancy - you won't offend me if you stop following the blog.  But be warned if you do - I've been saving some pretty funny stories to share with the world - and I'm about the vomit them for the next 6 months to come (no pun intended).

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