Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just a thought here and there.

A couple of weekends ago - Ben and I went back to Gaylord (Smith Center) to watch attend my cousins' high school graduation. It was an great time to take a couple of shots of my mom, sister and I - since we don't get to take pictures very often. If you can't tell (which you probably can't because of my tank ass (oops censor!)) but my sister Emily is just about 7 full months pregnant - so Ben and I will be Aunt Corineah and Uncle Ben for the second time over. About time for some of our own, right? Maybe someday! No, but seriously - she's due July 23ish. Just about county fair time (and the hottest time of year, good planning Em! haha).

Picture #1: Emily and Shelby (my sister was quite cute in this dress my mom bought in the Bahamas is December). If you know my sister, pastels aren't her thing!

Picture #2: Ben, Shelby, and I.....if your paying attention, this is the 2nd event in a row I've worn this dress - I had to assure Ben it would get its wear in this summer to justify making the purchase on our meager graduate student pay.

Picture #3: A decent picture of my mom, sister and I prior to graduation at the Godsey ranchhouse. It would be better if I wasn't pseudo-make-me-a-supermodel posing disquised the fact that I have no chin and makes me look 450 kg (which is about 992 lbs for you still living in the standard system). Mom and Emily look great, I did however, edit Emily's swelling belly so I didn't get my butt chewed. It only took 5 pictures to get Mom to smile and keep her eyes open.

Picture # I can't keep track: Isn't it funny that at 7 months pregnant we look the same size? What does that tell you - I should definitely quit the popcorn, ice cream and 3 gallons of ice tea a day? I've recently (okay 2 months ago) gave up pop (short relapses here and there) but those benefits have yet to be realized - therefore, I'm seriously reconsidering re-instating my 24 oun. habit (it could be worse right?). Ok - enough, my sister and I haven't taken a picture since my wedding, so I jump on any chance to catch her: a) in a good enough mood to stand next to me and b) in something suitable enough to take a photo in (Emily I love you - but the sweat-pants gotta go sometimes)!

What's all the self loathing you say? I think it's just the "let's be done with school so I don't have to sit on my butt one more nice day this week" blues. It'll get better, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hope you enjoy the pictures and the commentary!

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  1. A couple things.

    1. Love the song
    2. I'm from Canada and don't even get kg
    3. Your hair looks great - but hey when doesn't it
    4. Don't be so excited about the job. You then get the "I get to sit on my butt behind an office desk blues," and then when summer comes and I have to walk across a field with a tripod, camera and bags in tow I feel like I am going to have a heart attack!