Sunday, May 31, 2009

The antics of a proud sister and aunt!

Just thought I'd share some pictures of my little sister and neice for everyone from a recent jack-pot show. The kids had their jack-pot before county fair this weekend.

Kaitlynn - a first year 4-Her, but a serious veteran, finished 5th in both sheep and cattle circuit points. She had to attend 4 shows and all showmanship and class placings were cumulated to get a final "circuit score". We are extremely proud of her, since it's her very first year of showing competitively. There are a couple of pictures with her and her pig, "GLORIA", but she also has "BLACKY" and "HUMPY". She also has a couple of lambs, "STINGY BENJI" and "ROSY" but I didn't get pictures of those. This picture is now dated, I am told. Because Kait just got a "BLING" belt and necklace she will be fashioning the rest of the season! Little diva in training, I am fully convinced!
Cute little wrangler butt, watching Kait in showmanship.

Her prize money! She got to visit with Brett for a minute or two, but I think Kait did all the talking. I'm sure he got a lesson or two in pigs AND sheep!

The last four pictures are of my our neice Kenya showing her "piggy" or "BLACKY". Kenya is very much a showman in training. She loves to go with Papa to the barn to feed pigs and walk her pig at my Mom and Dad's house in the evenings. On Monday after this show, she threw a tantrum because Papa and Uncle Ben wouldn't go with her to "Walk her Pig" right before lunch. Her mother may not have a choice as to Kenya's extracurricular activities if she continues to live close to Nana and Papa Godsey's house. (I think Emily secretly enjoys watching Kenya - even if she never admits it!)

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