Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wonderfully crazy life

We just finished a short weekend trip back to Iowa to the New Sharon festival. Grandma Williams was honored as the grand marshall in the parade, so we spent Saturday enjoying the festivities and Sunday at a BBQ at the Owens. I stole a few pictures from Amanda's facebook page - she was coined "The Paparazzi" the whole weekend because she had that camera clicking away the whole time. Now looks who's laughing right Amanda? Good photos. Although you won't see it in the pics I'm posting, Ben made the observation that most of the pictures I am in is someone in the near vicinity of the babies, huh? What does that tell you Ben?

Although these pictures are out of chronological order, please view with discretion. We enjoyed some time at Pizza Ranch after the day's festivities pictured is Craig (Ben's dad)'s family, from left to right: Curtis and Dee, Christi and Larry, Anna Mae, Craig and Regina, Cindi and Larry.
I realize there is no way you can see everyone in this photo - but this is the whole Williams' crew minus the two Montanans. I'd say that's a pretty good turnout!

Ben and Uncle Curtis enjoying the program in the park. It was fun for awhile, but let's just say the queen contest was a "interesting."
Some of the Williams' girls enjoying the program. Front row: me, Lyndsey and Amanda Williams; Back row: Jill Van Soelen, Anna Williams, and JessWilliams.
Evidence that I would know what to do if and when I happen to be blessed with kids. This is Addison, she's an absolute doll.

Finally, this picture would have ideally been added first, but I'm not a master at this blogging stuff. Maybe when I finish my thesis I'll have a chance to look into programming and formatting more. But this is Grandma Williams in the parade. She had an absolute blast and I'm glad we were there to help her celebrate her accomplishment.
We have no exciting life news to report. Ben's applied for a couple of positions (stay tuned to see how that turns out) and I've considered my options in those locations and have a few calls into some people. I officially turn in my thesis on Friday - so if I'd stop procrastinating and finish revisions - I could go outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

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