Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have more important things to do - but they aren't as fun as this.

I should be studying for the one of the most important exams in my life right now - but I think I've managed to find almost everything absolutely possible to NOT study, so now that I'm almost done procrastinating I thought I'd tell you the ten best ways to procrastinate at the Williams' ranch.

10) Wash every piece of dirty laundry, dish and surface in the house, including the sheet sets that already get washed once every 2 weeks, jeans I wore for 45 minutes and the towel that just got used once this morning. Everything just smells so nice with my Snuggle fabric softener.

9) Watch the same House Wives of New Jersey, Make Me a Supermodel, The Fashion Show. etc. episodes on BRAVO channel for the fourteenth time in 3 weeks. Oh my new obsession is True Blood from HBO - but make sure you have the parentals controls on if you choose to watch this one - it's not for the kids people.

I think my new favorite line is from Teresa off of RHWNJ who justify's every major choice she makes by stating, "HAPPY WIFE - HAPPY LIFE." I think I'm going to implement this into my everyday dialect. I'll let you know how this goes.
7) Catch up on everyone and anyone's BLOGS from friends, random strangers and my favorite characters on the above mentioned shows.

6) Stalk for Rob Pattinson news or anything remotely related to Twilight or the series. I'm counting down the days until New Moon comes out - Williams' beware, it during Thanksgiving - so I'll probably be dragging a few of you to the theater with me, so you better watch Twilight before Thanksgiving.

5) Repaint my fingernails and toenails for the 3rd time this week and tweeze my eyebrows for the 2nd time this week. My new favorite colors include mauvi pinks matching on both my fingers and toes.

4) Take a 2 hour nap, since I intend on studying into the late hours of the night

3) Check potential jobs on various websites, then rationalize the pros and cons to getting a PhD - yet still make no decisions about our life beyond July 31, 2009.

2) Check facebook every 30 minutes to see how many other pathetic people like me sit around and facebook update 4 times a night.

1) Rinse and repeat.

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