Friday, September 11, 2009

First contest of the season!

I've officially become a coaches widow - today. While there had been practices and a few weekend workouts up to this point, Ben and the team left today for their first contest trip. I can't recite the schedule verbatim (I've repeatedly asked for a typed itinerary with contact information on "From the desk of Ben Williams" letterhead but have been denied), I do believe that this weekend is the National Barrow Show somewhere in Minnesota (my judging friends can more accurately name the town, I'm lucky to remember the state) and a new contest which is aimed to be a companion to the Barrow Show contest.

Early this morning (well before my scheduled wake-up time) Ben ventured off (with his Garmin and cannister of piping hot coffee in hand) with his 6 kids to workout somewhere in South Dakota. I'll see him again sometime on Tuesday evening.

I, on the other hand, have been up constructing my "To-Do" list for the upcoming weekend. Firstly, I think I'll venture over to a thrift store close to the apartment named the "Attic Treasure" - maybe I can find a few antiques for the apartment. Next, although I am positive its a bit premature - I'm going to rummage through the listings in the local newspaper and on the internet for homes for sale in the Cass Co. area (ND). I can always hope, wish and dream right? If I get really ambitious (I know I'll have the time) I'll go to a few furniture stores around locally and scout out a few new pieces for the living room.

All the while, I'll move from item to item on the list (I don't anticipate actually spending any large sum of cash - since I'm not the bread winner at the moment) I'll have my tele-phone close by - I'm missing the first KSF since I was at least 10 years old! Hopefully my dad will be able to provide frequent updates for me (I'm still lobbying for a live broadcast of all the shows).

I hope that Ben's team performs up to their expectations. Good luck kids (I realize they aren't kids, but for a lack of a better collective term - go with me here)!

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  1. National Barrow Show is in Austin, MN which is where I live now. I'll be on the lookout for Mr. Williams!