Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Boys

In the town/area I grew up in, there is not many people/places/events that draw notority. Until a few years ago. My family's homestead is located in rural Smith Co., Kansas and as most of you know I am one of four children. Of the original three of us (Kait, your fate is yet to be determined) the only one with noticable and coachable athletic talent was my brother, Grady.

Thank goodness at least one of the Godsey kids had some athletic talent.
During the course of Grady's 4 years of high school at Smith Center Jr.-Sr. High School he was a part of 4 consecutive Kansas state football championships and 2 consecutive Kansas state wrestling championships. To say that he was part of an athletic dynasty was an understatement. We are very proud of him!

Long story short, the success of Smith Center's football team has been documented in the NY Times, Sports Illustrated and various other national media venues. This past year, on the heels of a 5 straight state football championship and a record for the longest active winning streak, a book was written about the community and the football program.

I've included links to the books website, and I recommend this book to everyone, not because I'm looking for recognition for the small community I grew up in, but because I think the author did a tremendous job describing the value of growing up in a rural community, the value of role models, and teaching kids that being a winner at life doesn't mean winning championships on the field.

I think the best philosophy Ben and I took from this book is something that we kindof took for granted for many years, rather than trying to conquer the world all at once - vow to just get a little better everyday. What a novel concept right, but think about it? It leaves less room for you to set your self (and others) up for dissapointment if you try to just progressively grow in your position, life, career, etc. rather than trying to do everything at once!
We got our copy and we're willing to share it with anyone who is interested in reading it!

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