Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new soundtrack to my life

I spent a bit of time updating the soundtrack to our blog (believe me - I've been searching for something more important to do all day). I have long (okay - not that long, like 2 years now) been a fan of Lori McKenna's music. She is a country and christian artist that has been around for many years now - and I know you've heard her songs on the radio: "Stealing Kisses" and "Fireflies" that Faith Hill recorded and a few others by Sara Evans, Jimmy Wayne and Tim McGraw.

If you do pay attention to the music booming in the background (and I suggest you do - I don't spend hours searching these hits out for my own pleasure -wink wink) you'll notice this first song is entitled Unglamous. I may implement this as my song for the moment. While I originally intended to cut/copy/and paste the entire lyrics to this song - but I didn't want to win the "LONGEST BLOG POST WITHOUT A POINT" award, so rather I'll include the best verse and a link to the rest (enter if you dare).

No diamonds in our bathtub reams
Peanut butter on everything
No frills, no fuss - unglamorous

How wonderful a gravel road leading to a front door
How beautiful old wool socks on a bedroom floor
No frills, no fuss, perfectly us -unglamorous

If you dare spend than (approximately) 3 1/2 minutes catching up on my recent posts (I'll work on posting so you have more to read - I am trying to find a job people) you'll notice that I have paid homage to a few of my favorites from the best of Grey's Anatomy moments. This is hopes that my pleas will be answered for new episodes soon! I have always (okay - since 2006) been a fan of The Fray and Brandi Carlile (as a result of my devotion to Grey's). There are few in here for those of you who enjoy the occasional "tear-jerking, heart-breaking - we belong together" ballad.

A few other songs in the middle and near the end are just a few oldies but goodies. I came across a version of matt nathanson's Come on Get Higher (remember from an old post) from Sugarland. I suspect that will be a new favorite of some of yours. Fransesca Battista's "Free to be Me" is a good-hearted anthem that I love to hear on some days when you need to kick the blues and dance in your apartment until you laugh yourself silly because there is a chance your neighbor could hear/see you shaking your bon-bon.

If I could wrap my musical taste up in a phrase it would be "Hopeless Romantic". Pretty typical. I hope you enjoy my new playlist. It's not for everybody, but not everybody takes the time to visit this page - and its for you who do, that I hope you smile when you hear my anthems.

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