Monday, April 12, 2010

Another home makeover project..................

I've really started to appreciate the color yellow. I'm constantly trying to incorporate it into my decorating. I'm not sure if its because I'm getting homesick for the waving golden wheatfields of Kansas or I'm getting soft honeysickle baby-fever.

My new pillows that I just blogged about weren't even my first "yellow" invasion project. This one I'm about to describe was.........

Thanks to the gals I work with, I've renewed my love for thrift store shopping - turning someone else's trash into my treasures.

A few weeks ago I purchased a hunter green shelf/wall hanging with a wall papered farm scened back-panel for $4.00 during a Sunday afternoon visit to the Dakota Boys Ranch with Ben.

During the shopping trip for the pillow fabric, I picked up another 1/2 yard of this material.

It is similar to what I used for the pillows, but not close enough to be "matchy-matchy".

I also picked up a "sunflower" shade of yellow paint and a white "primer" from the craft paint aisle at Hobby Lobby for about $2.00 total.

We got the back panel removed from the rest of the wall-hanging, peeled the wall paper off and then "re-papered" the panel with my fabric. It took some spray adhesive and a little hot glue to get the job done.

It took a full coat of primer followed by two coats of paint to remove the green tint left by the previous hunter green.

I had also previously popped off the nobs for hanging things on prior to by paint job to keep their character. Using some small 1/8" nails, I hammered the panel back on and then re-inserted the brackets to hang it on the wall.
Here's a quick close-up of the paint and fabric.
My hope is that we'll soon be proud home owners and I'll have a special place in the house we're I can let all my yellow-loving projects puke all over the place! Until then, I'll happily let it sit against the wall in the ever-so-crammed spare bedroom.

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