Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just like usual fashion.............

We didn't exactly get the great snowstorm that the weatherman was predicting.......yet. But at the house and around the rest of Eastern North Dakota we experienced 40-60 mph winds that left me to sleep on the couch among other things.

If you've heard me talk about ND, you've probably heard me mention something about flooding. While we have to worry about the Red River, which is a flowing body of water that emptys into Lake Ontario - others in ND have to worry about the Devil's Lake Basin. The problem with finding a long term flood solution is that while we have our own issues to deal with - Devil's Lake keeps rising and the only place it can empty into would flow almost directly into the Red River. Enough about point is - this video is scary.

This traveller submitted the footage to our local news outlet to show the 40+ mph winds impact on Devil's Lake. This particular area is called "the narrows" but is a stretch of Highway 57 that connects Ft. Totten to Devils Lake above the lake. Since the dike will hold to roughly 1454 ft. and the current elevation of the lake is somewhere between 1447-1451 ft. its a wonder this road still even exists. Highway 57 was closed yesterday afternoon not to long after this footage was captured.

We could handle the snow - but waves - we don't have anyone to teach surfing lessons.


  1. Very scarry! I'm wondering why the road was still open and why people were actually traveling on it!

  2. Yikes. Since Australia I now have a love for surfing, but I think that activity should be left for the coasts.