Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So......its a vice.

I have never went out a bought a copy of someone's new CD on the day it was released, but Walmart had copies of Taylor Swift's new one for $9.98 yesterday.................and I was secretly really excited about what could be on this disk.

I had heard she might be unloading about all the failed relationships through the songs on this disk - but that's not why I wanted it - there's just something about the songs she sings that strikes a chord ..................its quite possibly because of the hopeless romantic in me.

My mom will laugh at this because a few years ago I gave my younger sister Kait and Gretchen a hard time about dancing around screaming "You belong with Me" like a couple of giddy girls. But over the course of this past year - I've changed my tune, I admit it.

So, I spent the ride home last night with the volume blasting trying to sing-a-long with the songs on the album. Its okay, you can laugh - I deserve it. But some of you probably are a little jealous that I had the courage to buy it and admit it being that I'm a little past the tween stage. The other half of you are probably not surprised since I own the Twilight series books and movies......you're probably just thinking the girl needs to grow up. Go ahead, I probably deserve that too.............but I'll be too busy singing......."You are the best thing that's ever been mine............wha oh oha........" to hear you.

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  1. Taylor is one of my guilty pleasures too! You're not alone :)