Friday, January 8, 2010

Nothing like a new marriage to ring in the new year!

A little peak at how it all went down - 'BAMA style.

First off - the rehearsal was capped off by celebrating with a few fireworks. Totally legal, it was New Year's Eve afterall!

Followed by the ultimate smack-down! Totally never saw it coming! The brothers-of-the-bride have GOT to be a good time - this was their idea!
Post-silly string incident. They took it pretty well considering the leather jacket Brett was wearing!

Yes, this is my husband trying to give the bride a wet-willy. Wonder where he gets that? Any ideas Dad?

My camera (go figure!) wasn't able to capture the pure beauty of the church or the ceremony. The white pine on the ceiling with the contrasting darker pine - oh, my!

I'm not afraid to admit that when Karen's recording of the Rose started playing - I got teary eyed and had goosepimples. It was wonderful - that girl's got a gift.
Congrats newlyweds! Hope you had fun on your undisclosed honeymoon! Karen - welcome to the family! See you in Denver..........................dress warm.

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