Friday, January 22, 2010

Cherry Blossom Boxes by LyndseyKeiserDesigns

I'm not big on product promotion - but I've decided to make an exception since its family. And because I think every graduate, mother, daughter, bride or any other person who wants to feel special should have one of these.............................

Let me give you a little background first:

Lyndsey, Ben's middle sister - has made a profession out of using her creativity. By day - she's a middle school art teacher, by not she operates a small sweat shop with one employee (her trusty dog Lucy). Not really, but she does spend time working on a "side" business that I'm pretty impressed with.

(I posted these pictures without her permission - hope she doesn't mind ;)).

It's pretty ingenious, really. Although I think she should have copyrighted it - because I've seen alot of "POSERS" popping up now on

Anyway - she makes card boxes, for any occasion. You know those old bird's cage card boxed people used to use to put cards in at weddings, birthdays, etc.? Those are SO SO out! Her first one was actually from her own wedding.

She's sold quite a few (I don't really remember the exact number, but its more than 20). I know she's sent at least one across the Northern border and several to the East Coast. She decided to try her luck at the bridal show in Indiana - and she visited with over 100 brides. I think she would LOVE it if she could quit her day job and work full time on something like this (that's what I think anyway - I've yet to validate this statement.)

The official name of her business is something like, Cherry Blossom Boxes by LyndseyKeiserDesigns. You can find her on Etsy by clicking that link. I know she can customize about any color, design or theme you might want. Its not just limited to weddings, she's designed boxes for graduations, baby showers and a few other events.

I think this box is particularly beautiful. Especially since BROWN is the new "RAGE". She keeps a few sample boxes around, but I'm sure she'd send them packing if you fall in love with something.

This last one pays homage to the upcoming spring (don't we wish it'd get here already?). I'm a big fan of purple - and I know of a few K-Staters who could find a home for a box in this color.
She makes the boxes to order, based on your specs. But don't wait until the last minute - her hubby doesn't want that kind of pressure looming around the house during calving season.
So, in short - if your thinking about a creative, UNIQUE way to spruce up your gift table - consider one of her boxes. You won't be disappointed.
If nothing else, "Its free advertisement Lynny!"

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