Sunday, January 10, 2010

When little one's are around - the world is so much better!

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful it was to spend a few days over Christmas with the little kids. Just a few pictures of the girls......

Emily's little girls - Kenya (just turned 3 on January 3rd) and Honey (who was 6-mths.) with their uncle Ben on Christmas Eve. They LOVE their Uncle Ben - and he LOVES them too!
Honey is the best behaved Baby ever..!!! Right Em?
This is the coolest contraption ever invented (in my opinion)! Honey got a BUMBO chair which is supposed to help support their back and neck so they can learn to set up on their own! You can even buy a tray so you can feed them in it! I've already asked for the "hand-me-down" in the event we have children of our own one day!

Kait got a SNUGGIE for Christmas! How cool is that?

Sorry Shelby, I know there are more flattering pictures of you - but it was good of Kenya.

Hope you enjoyed my showcase of the little girls!

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