Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome Williams' family Christmas

(Thanks for the pictures Amanda, BTW).

All the men got some new duds this Christmas, so they had to model in front of the Christmas tree. Let me explain, starting left to right:

Craig - 1) chore cap, with EAR FLAPS and 2) Purdue fleece to sport at work
Ben - 1) Stormy Kromer (aka - Elmer Fudd) hat for judging practice and 2) Blue Cinch shirt
Matt (Lyndsey's husband) - 1) Hunter Orange cap for Thanksgiving hunting expeditions, 2) Camo face shield for snowmobiling and 3) Blue Cinch Shirt
Nick (Amanda's honey) - 1) John Deere baseball cap and 2) Blue/Red Cinch Shirt

Thanks for being a good sport guys. And for not making the girls model.

Not sure why these are small, but Lyndsey got a really "NICE" pair of balls this Christmas. The kind that hang between a bull's legs. If I remember correctly they are in response to the t-shirt Matt got with a picture of him and the dog (Lucy) entitled "Daddy's Little Angel."

We laughed along time about this gift. I wish you could see the disgust in her face. It's priceless. She actually had already driven around Lafayette with them attached to her rear hitch - without even knowing it. She REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hates these things.

Amanda got a sleeping bag from Nick. It should protect her in sub-zero temps - which she might not have experienced in previous years anywhere but ND and MN.......but I did hear of a bum being found dead of hypothermia in Memphis. Maybe she should keep this close by, JUST IN CASE.
Finally, "UNCLE" Ben got to spend some quality time with the "Neices" on the Williams' side. Macy likes to be snuggled and Ben happened to be near. Those dogs keep us very entertained.....especially when they decide to use the carpet as a bathroom.

We got to spend a good chunk of time in Indiana - we played lots of boardgames, Wii and even put together a 1000 pc. puzzle. We went to the Sherlock Holmes movie, went bowling and even got a little shopping in......all in about 3-d time.

Good stuff.

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