Wednesday, February 24, 2010

D.C. the 'house-guest'.

I've mentioned that a colleague of mine is in New Zealand visiting her twin sister.

I offered to 'sit' for her cat the past couple of weeks so she didn't have to shell out ~$250.

We got D.C. ------Dexter, or 'Devil Cat' as we like to call him. He's not the devil, but its funnier than his real name.

The first week he spent hiding under the bed, behind the couch and in the crawl-space between the laundry machine and the wall.

Maybe we shouldn't have tried so hard to get him to like us.

Because, now, his favorite spot is wherever we are. Making dinner - its on the counter. Using the commode - its at your feet. Brushing your teeth - its on the sink countertop. In the shower- its patiently waiting on the toilet seat.
When we settle in the for the evening, this is D.C.'s favorite spot. On the coffee table. And he's as long as the coffee table. He loves to stretch out, just like this.

But this is the view we get most of the time. He's enjoying the Olympics with us.
The funniest thing to happen, however, is his ability to drag out the toys I put away the night before. Oh so quietly, he is able to get UP on the bench (not surprising knowing the other furniture he can scale) and nose his way to the bottom to get his mice out to play. We've decided he just likes to snuggle.
We've enjoyed having him, but its just like a child. My exact words to Ben last night after having a nice supper out.
"Ben, when you get home - make sure you give Dexter his pill. Make sure his water machine isn't running hot and clean his litter box."

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