Friday, February 19, 2010

What a perfectly good waste of talent......

I usually don't get involved in conflictual (is that a word?) situations. When things are beyond my control (and I almost always find a way to get them 'in my control') but when I can't - I usually let it slide, roll with the punches. This time, it was hard and impossible to just stand by and say nothing.

The newspaper published by my alma mater "The K-State Collegian" recently published a newsarticle publically slandering the "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" breast cancer campaign developed and coordinated by the Collegiate Cattlewomen organization.

To review, the author felt the campaign was demeaning to women by promoting slogans such as "Treasure Your Chest", "Save the Ta-Ta's", "Help the Hooters", "Save the Jugs", etc. In my opinion, what genious marketing strategies are in place that allow us to use "pop" culture to bring awareness to breast cancer and support the fight for a cure?
Alot of other talented, well-intentioned young women have worked tirelessly to do their part in promoting breast cancer awareness. Like I stated in my response, "its a shame that this work is overshadowed by one person's search for a "story."
I felt it was my duty to respond..... I know I had much more "colorful" words to offer, but I refrained. What good would leading with your emotions do in this situation?
Here is my response. I think there are much positive ways to use your words.
This particular author has a reputation for denouncing agriculture, beef production and supports the efforts of the PETA and HSUS organizations. Her "anti-agriculture" tirades have been a constant struggle KState students, faculty, alumni and friends. She is a talented writer (there is no doubt about that) - but there are much more productive and socially responsible methods to showcase those.
I hope other CCW alumnu' do their part to stick up for the organization that helped shape us! And speak up for the enormous efforts of the "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" campaign.

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  1. What a horrible article - I need to cool off a little before I comment on it or I will have a hard time not telling her what I really think!!!