Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I didn't know about North Dakota!

We have learned a LOT since moving to North Dakota.

Some days I think I've moved to a different country. SERIOUSLY.

They even speak a different language. (I am getting better - I don't to shamefully ask people to repeat themselves quite as often as I used to....)


Let me tell you about the things I've learned up here (I promise its all in fun).

1) The accent is real. People really do say things like "Oh Ya?", "Ya, Really?"

2) Anything South of South Dakota is considered "The South."

3) We don't mix our carbs - no potatoes and noodles paired together.

4) You cannot buy alcohol anywhere except "Bottle Shops."

5) You cannot go shopping before noon on Sunday - everythings closed to allow people to go to Church.

6) When driving on a multi-lane road, everyone always drives on the left-hand side.

7) People classify themselves based on their degree of "Norweigan-ian" or "Scandanavian".

8) What we call lakes are merely "ponds" up here.

10) Even the women brag about the size of the buck they shot during deer season.

11) ND does have snow days.

12) Rabbit fur hats ARE IN STYLE.

13) People take off of work to go sit on a bucket in a small, un-heated, un-insulated hut in the middle of a ice-covered pond. AND THEY ENJOY IT!

14) There are snow-mobile trails. Complete with their own traffic signs.

15) People eat things like fish treated in lye and potato-pastry. AND THEY ENJOY IT!

16) Your SS card is not a valid for of identification when you get your driver's license.

17) But you don't have to register to vote or show proof of residency to get a ND driver's license.

18) Your doctor can prescribe the need for a pet. And there's nothing your landlord can do about it.

I'm sure there will be lots more that we learn - but these are just a few of our favorites!

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  1. Love it! And so excited about the house hunting. Keep us posted!