Tuesday, February 9, 2010

While we've been out.

My absence hopefully stirs the though, "She must be busy with work."

The answer, "Yes, but that's not the entire reason for the 'no show' on the blog."

#1. Its tax season, we're debating doing our own or hiring someone because Ben got W-2's from 4, count it - FOUR states. We like getting paid in cash. Plus we'd like all the cash back we can get for reason #3 listed below.

#2. We're getting the apartment ready to "cat-sit" for a friend from work. She leaves for 2 weeks to visit her sister in New Zealand and we're getting Dexter her 3-yr old Persian kitty. YEAH YEAH YEAH - I'm excited. Ben's verdict is still out.

(This is not Dexter - but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this furry feline.)

#3. Here's the big one.........................We're house hunting. We got pre-approved to buy a home, so we've met with a realtor to start the process. It's kindof scary. But we're really excited. We just have to decide on the budget, the amount of land, and level of "fixer-ups" our marriage can handle.

It's also a super busy week up here - I am involved in Women in Agriculture and helping with 4-H judging contests and Ben had the "Little I" Showmanship/Judging Contest weekend. But, our friend Stephen Linnebur is in Fargo this week - so we are planning a little time to spend with him. We don't get a lot of visitors up here - so we're taking advantage of it!

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  1. Definitely carefully analyze how you can both handle "fixer-ups"! :) I finally just had to have Ronny finish our laundry room. ha ha!!