Friday, March 26, 2010

Here's to a evening in with a princess, Disney princess.

My little sister Kait turned "8" (nice rhyme, huh?) last Thursday, March 18th.

Since she wanted to have a sleepover with some of her friends, they are waiting to celebrate until tonight, March 26th.

That meant we got to give Kait her first birthday present last week, while they were in Indiana.

She got "The Princess and the Frog" movie from us. She had been asking for it, and it was an easy gift for Ben to stick in his carry-on during the flight.

Apparently she loved it - I guess she watched it 5 times before they got home! Good planning on our part, right?

So, I figured - there must be something to this princess.

I just reserved a copy at my nearest redbox for this weekend. It'll go well with New Moon and Revenge of the Savage Killer. I make a pretty wide swath in my movie choices. Evens things out a bit (and makes it a bit easier to sleep at night).

Here's wishing Kait a happy birthday. Hope Mom and Dad survive the night, and they're reminded the reason Emily, Grady and I never got sleepovers when we were kids. All I can say is "Tylenol PM".

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