Saturday, March 20, 2010

While the cats away, this mouse will play....

Since both sides of my family are together in Indiana, along with Ben - I decided to take the weekend to do some much needed maintanence projects.....on myself. While the flood threat is not over, the community is protected and just playing a "waiting game" until the river crests.

So in honor of the upcoming spring and a reward for the long hours I put in this week, I took it upon myself to (no judgement please - I am a big believer in self-indulgence every once in a while):

1) Return to my blond roots. It was excrutiating though - I spent 4 1/2 hours in the chair on Friday and another 1 1/2 on Saturday because my strands didn't want to take up the bleach. Thank goodness I no longer look like someone urinated on my head! But 6 hours and $115 later - I can go out in public without worrying about backways glances! My only problem now is that none of my coworkers recognized me Friday afternoon. I actually got followed back to my office and asked "Can I help you?" and when I turned around, our office manager gasped, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it." I had to explain to her that for the majority of my 25 years, I have been some form of blonde - which they've never seen since I colored my hair brown 2 weeks before I started at the office!
2) Shop for a spring wardrobe. I usually don't have good luck at TJ Maxx, because I feel like I'm wading through garage sale quality clothing - but for some reason, I went against my better judgment and stopped in. Thank goodness I did - what wonderful luck did I have!! However, I blew the budget for spring clothes SOOOOOO the high-heeled cowboy boots will have to wait :(. The only "must-have" item I didn't find was a pair of brown sandals (with no heel) to wear in the office - got the black, tan and white pairs - but no BROWN. So the search continues!!!!

My favorite purchase of the spree (which I'm wearing at the moment) is this pair of skinny jeans. I'll live in the them until they are so stretched out that I have no choice but to peel them off and stick 'em in the wash! I obviously would never feel the need to buy a full-priced pair of Calvin Klein jeans, but I'm absolutely positive that if I had too for these jeans, I would. If you think skinny jeans are just for skinny girls - you are absolutely WRONG. I'm considered a "full-figured" gal and I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some skinny jeans. I feel totally confident and comfortable in mine- as well as feeling somewhat "young and fashionable" which is usually a stretch for me. Plus, I didn't have to go to the JUNIORS section to find this pair of "women's skinny". PICK THEM UP, you won't be disappointed!
3) I didn't get my pedicure like I planned, figured the snowstorm yesterday meant that sandal weather is a few weeks off yet.
4) Eventually I'll start spring cleaning, which actually seems to be an ongoing project. Since Ben will be gone this whole week, maybe I'll wait to do it then! But for now, the only cleaning I'll be doing it switching out my winter clothes for the stacks of spring items I picked up!

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