Monday, April 20, 2009

Another one bites the dust! Congratulations!

So we've been patiently waiting for the all inclusive "FACEBOOK ANNOUNCEMENT" of our friends Brett and Karen's engagement - but alas, they are slow pokes. You know its not official until its posted on facebook! Anyway - we (mostly me) are SO SO SO VERY EXCITED for them, so CONGRATULATIONS! Brett - you couldn't have found a better girl to get hitched too! and Karen - good luck, you'll have your hands full I'm sure! (Here's where I would insert a winking emoto-con in an email)!

So lets count, from those crazy judging friendships we keep, lets revisit the list:

Mark, Cody, Ben, Jaymelynn, Wes, Austin, Emilie, and Brett - check, check, check, etc.

Now that leaves:
Lance, Crystal, Christi, Adam, and John -unless someone's eloped to Vegas that we haven't accounted for in the previous category! Just remember, we need an excuse to get together every year for the next five to ten years - so plan accordingly!

We are very excited to be planning trips to Kansas in the fall (Wes and Shawna), Pennsylvania in the spring (Austin and Emilie) and Alabama sometime in the near future (Brett and Karen of course). And of course, once we hear when Jaymelynn's Kansas reception can bet we'll be there too!

I would publically show my excitement for Austin and Emilie's wedding put our friend Crystal already beat me to the punch! Such a great page Crystal!

Anyway - here's to another Happy Marriage! We're closing in on our one year anniversary (I know, such a milestone right?) and we couldn't be more excited for our future (and those who've been such great friends along the way!)!
P.S. Karen thanks for the picture I stole from facebook of you too, it's one of my favorites! Happy planning girlfriend!

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  1. Too funny, Christie and I were just discussing who was left on the list! Like I said a couple years ago at Mark's wedding Christie is holding out for a car, and me a house! I could blame my situation on you two - I caught the bouquet at your wedding, but you had to throw the garter to Wes, and he was definitely already taken! I can't wait to see you two at Wes's, and great picture of Brett and Karen - I am looking forward to meeting her!