Thursday, April 23, 2009

Newest addition

In the process of growing up, one tends to acquire things. In our life this past few years - we've (mostly Ben) have started to buy outright or partner with my brother Grady in different livestock ventures. Posted below is the newest member of the Godsey/Williams' livestock venture. She's a crossbred gilt from the Steve Cobb family's 2nd sale.

She's out of Enterprise on a ARK New Kid sow. We're pretty excited to see how she looks in person!

I'm sure in the next few months as we transition into our new "ADULT" life together, we'll be making many of these purchases in our effort to "PUT DOWN SOME ROOTS".

Although we don't have any pictures of lambs, Ben's been anxious about starting a small flock that look something like this one. This is one of the lambs offered in the Diamond W Club Lamb sale back in March. He's probably one of the most unique lambs I've seen in awhile. It will definitely be fun to keep track of this guy!


  1. The gilt looks great, and I hear the lamb sale went awesome. What did the guy above bring?

  2. $1150 I think. The sale did go great, they averaged $665 I think. Somewhere around there. I think 6 lambs ended up in KS - so we'll have to keep an eye on them.