Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My two cents on reality TV!

It's interesting at our house, in terms of nightly entertainment. We definitely have a schedule to follow and thanks to our DVR we can enjoy our shows without pesky interuptions from the 20 million "Bump it", "Nutra-system" and "Weight Watchers" and "Pro-Active" commercials. Don't get me wrong, I'm up for self - improvement but you really start to question your self-worth seeing everyone with better hair, skin, and body than yourself. Thank goodness I rediscovered my bike and the tanning bed this week! One step at a time people!

However, that is not the topic of my post today. Entertainment, rather is something I would like to share with someone, and that someone is you. You could probably say I'm the most a-typical American Idol fan on the planet. I have watched the show "religiously" for the past three or four seasons now (especially since we invested in our DVR) but have yet to cast a single vote. "Why?" you say, let me explain: 1) We have decided against the use of text messaging in the Williams' household (if people really want to speak to us - you gotta call. Mass text messages are for wimps!) 2) The rest of my life as a person does not rest upon the next American Idol. Alas, I can't go to bed on Tuesday nights without my American Idol fix!

However in this season I have yet to stay in a single contestants band-wagon for more than 2 weeks until now. I have decided to publically announce my loyalty to Kris Allen (seriously, clink on this link for the "To Make you Feel my Love" studio version from country week). Not a front runner I am well aware, but I honestly do not find the constant screaming antics by Adam Lambert appealing and Danny Gokey just isn't tripping my trigger anymore. However there are a few things I find intriguing about him.

For those of you who know my musical tastes, I'm a sucker for a hopeless romantic sound. You know the kind, the male singer who pines til the end of time for a specific someone special. You give me a little Matt Nathanson or John Mayer and I'm in heaven. That said, watching Kris Allen and how he swoons for his wife and his soft melodic versions of everything he sings sends my heart fluttering. That's probably why I ended up marrying Ben in the first place, he's the hopeless romantic type and that balances out my constant need to be "seranaded" for lack of a better word.

Watch out, I'm sending your head spinning for a second, on another "PURE TALENT" note I've been loosely following other reality TV dream maker TV shows and although I'm not into the Making the Band or Dancing with the Stars - I am including the link to one of the latest BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT contestant's audition. This little boy is AMAZING and I can't believe we have people who walk this earth with voices that unbelievable. Watch this, and you'll agree:

Thank goodness for reality TV and DVR otherwise I'd be spending time watching WWE Raw, Baseball (don't get me wrong, a little goes a long way), and the Outdoor Channel with my husband!

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