Friday, April 24, 2009

Little bits of everything

I've got lots of little tid-bits to share today...let's get started.

A) One of my oldest friends - Andrea - and I have a long history. Most of the updates from the details of our lives have been shared through our families. Mostly I get the "SCOOP" from Grandma and Grandpa, as well as my brother and she keeps updated with me through her mom. Our brothers have been best-friends ever since they could hold guns and we've were in 4-H together for 12+ years. Oh get on with it right?

I recently found out she got engaged -- VERY EXCITING RIGHT? So I was thinking okay, it happened sometime in the previous week. Seems logical Grandma/pa and Lisa would have spoken at coffee one morning. NOPE not in Gaylord, it doesn't take long the for the phone tree to kick into action and nearly everyone (all 89-100 residents) know the scoop in 45 minutes or so! Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't trade where I grew up for anything, but Andrea hadn't even had a chance to call anyone before we found out at 9 a.m. the following morning.

Anyway, Congratulations ANDREA AND LANCE! They will be getting married at around home (I assuming) on Sept. 5th of 2009. So here's happy planning to you!

B) It's closing in on May (graduation) and I couldn't be prouder of my little brother. He and his girlfriend, Gretchen made it through what I consider the toughest test of a relationship. He started college last year at Butler Community College while Gretchen finished her senior year at Hays High School. Now most couples won't be able to survive the distance and temptations, but these two did. I am extremely proud of both of them - its a true test of character. I love Gretchen, she's been a blessing to my brother (who had never dated publically before her) as well as our family.

She has become a serrogate sister to Kait (my youngest sister) and she loves teaching Kait cheerleading and helping my family out around the farm. I think it's about 2.5 years they've been together. This picture is from her senior prom, aren't they gorgeous together! So, here's to the two of you and hopefully many more memories to be made!
C) Finally, wish us luck tomorrow - we're having our first garage sale. Normally I am a big "HAND-IT DOWN" person either opting for giving items to family/friends or donating to the Salvation Army - but I thought I'd test my luck at a garage sale. So I found some consigners, we set a date - and I've been stressing out. How funny is it that a little event like a garage sale could stress someone out. The weather, neighors, advertising, etc. really get to me.....I think I have to learn to be less controlling and a little more laid-back like Ben. He's much less worried about this than me - mostly because his plans include drinking summer beer in a lawn chair while watching me run a garage sale. I think I deserve 35% commission right? I'll work on it.
Have a great weekend everybody! Get some sun - hasn't this weather been beautiful? I know our grill has been getting a workout!

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