Monday, May 24, 2010

Boys Weekend.

Our friends, Bryce and Ace, came to visit this weekend. After all the fun we had last weekend - we weren't sure how we could top it. To say the least, this weekend was epic - in a competely different way.

The boys wanted a true Fargo-Moorhead experience. So we did everything we could to make that happen for them.

Friday night, we headed to the Turf and Chub's pub to introduce the boys to Fargo's finest dive bars. I snapped a quick shot before we headed out the door.

Ace and Bryce met some lovely ladies who proceeded to show them a good time. Somewhere along the way (approximately 7 blocks to be exact) Ace fell in love......this was the first but not the last time it happened during their two-day stay.

After wrangling the boys back to the apartment - with several "faux fights", wrestling matches and drop-kicking threats occurring along the way - I snapped another quick round of photos before the boys finally called it a night. (Other shots not family friendly, sorry).

I'm not sure what Ace was thinking during this picture. But it makes Ben and I smile.

We tried to shove as much action into the weekend as we could. How often do we get visitors up here anyway?

Saturday morning (not so early I might add) we took the boys along to do the final walk-through on the house. They brain-stormed with Ben about all the possibilities out at the house - mostly about the livestock. They weren't much help to me.

Even though the wind came up, the boy still headed out for some quality time on the golf course while I got supper around early because we wanted to head to the FM Redhawks baseball game. Upon arrival, in our $5/seat GA section, a nice marketing gal offered Ben, Bryce and Ace upgraded tickets and free adult beverages.

What luck?

Eventually me and a couple girl friends snuck down to sit behind them and enjoy the scenary.

We capped off the weekend by heading to The Hub. Its a huge warehouse type building with six different dance clubs in it. When the "country" bar failed to get our feet tapping, we headed to the "Club" to get our groove on. I think it was the first time Ben and I have stayed at a bar until closing - since we've been together. Somewhere along the way, Ace fell in love again.

The boys headed home about 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Needless to say, we were tired. The house was tired and our wallets were tired.

We'd do it again, if you gave us a few weeks to recooperate.

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