Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a deal........

.......who said housework wasn't dangerous?

This weekend Ben was travelling - somewhere in Wisconsin. I was home. No big deal.

I seriously needed to get some housework done.

Housework, in my opinion, stinks. But I sucked it up and tried to get the dishes and laundry done. I guess the apartment management can bring anyone over to "view" the place without our consent since we're moving out. No one needs to see our un-folded laundry.

Somewhere along the way, it was SO beautiful out that I moved my veggie pots outside to get some much needed sunlight. Again, no big deal.

I got busy picking up the pile of coats, shoes and papers that get dumped at the kitchen table throughout the week, singing along with the old country songs on my XM radio station on the TV and got lost in my tasks.

Do you ever just get in one of those modes that you forget everything else around you? I think its called tunnel-vision. I definitely got that. The next think I know - I'm face down on top of the balcony screen-door with the lawn-chair in my arms.

Apparently, my bad habit of looking down while I walk and not paying attention to my surroundings had caused me to trip through the closed screen door (that I evidently closed earlier) as I walked with my eyes fixed on my feet rather than infront of me. I don't think that having no glasses on (or contacts in) or my newly trimmed bangs in my eyes did my situation any justice. In Ben's words, "I buffalo'ed it."

It popped completely off the hinges, not sure if it can be salvaged. Thankfully no one else was around. It was a disaster. My elbow stung, but not as much as my pride I think.

I was just sure I'd get a lecture from my husband when he returned about my lack of attention........but thankfully he just laughed. Turns out while I was crashing-and-burning in the apartment, he was getting "picked-up" at the bar-n-grill in Wisconsin! What a trade-off, huh?

So as I type this post, the screen is propped against the entertainment center, sagging in the middle and bent almost beyond recognition. I think that will be coming out of our deposit.


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