Sunday, May 23, 2010

Give Thanks

I have never "blogged" before in my life, and quite frankly I've been stubborn about not wanting to give it a try. For some reason though today, I felt moved to do so, and luckily Corineah left herself logged into our page, which is good because I don't know our password!

We just had two good friends come up and visit us in Fargo this weekend. They claimed it was one of their "top 5" weekends of all time! It was great to see them and a good weekend up until the point when they had to leave and head back south. I had an empty feeling after that and it just got me thinking about family, friends and the things that matter to me in life.

Sometimes I fail to really appreciate what my wife, Corineah, does for me. This weekend we had a good time with our friends and didn't get to bed real early in the evening. And while three of us are sleeping in, Corineah is up early baking her breakfast casserole, brewing coffee, and picking up whatever mess we made the night before. Corineah is the type of person who doesn't brag or give herself much credit for all the things she does, so that is the purpose of me writing this blog. I just want to say Thank You Corineah for all that you do. Although you can be a bit bossy at times ;), you have a huge heart and want whats best.

You may be thinking, Ben, why don't you just tell her that instead of writing a blog about it. Well......I don't keep track of the blog often, but when I do visit our blog site, I often find out something new about whats been going on in my own life and my wife's life! Many people I have talked to said they read "such and such" on the blog. Many times, its new news to me also!

I just read the blog this morning and found about three new posts that I wasn't aware of. Two of the three new posts reflect what has been going on in our lives right now. We are closing on a house in two days. This was a big decision for us, and it didn't come without a few tears. Often times in life things are out of our control, and we as humans, don't like that. We have experienced this ourselves and found there is only one thing you can do...put your faith in the good Lord, ask for guidance and direction, and let Him show us where He wants us to be and do with our lives. That is all we can do. Corineah and I are learning this, but it is an ongoing process that isn't easy.

With me being a teacher and a coach, one of my daily goals in life is to make a positive difference in someone's life today. I challenge you to do the same. Take a moment to tell someone you love thanks for everything they do...It can make a difference and go a long way to brighten a day and strengthen a relationship.

I hope you have enjoyed my comments, but I probably wouldn't get used to it. Corineah does a much better job at this anyway!

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  1. awww - benJAMIN, two thumbs way up for your first blog! Even though we all know you have an amazing wife, I am sure she appreciated it!