Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekend Pennsylvania

Every once in awhile we've blogged about the friends we keep in touch with from Ben's judging team at K-State. This past weekend we made a quick trip to Pennsylvania celebrate another "judging team" wedding - Emilie and Austin Fink.

Above is the token group picture we take to show how our KState family has grown and changed from each time we get together. Some of the significant others of the team weren't able to sneak away for the weekend - and Miss Christie and Meredith were also missing in action from the "Wildcat picture" but we were able to wrangle almost everyone up for a quick snap.

Maybe we should remember to take this photo earlier in the night. Oh well.

Moving on.....

I stole this neat tool from another friend's blog that actually allows me to show more photos than normally allowed on blogger. There's a little bit of everything in this album:

- The inn where the reception was held, in addition to being the gathering place for all the guests
- The beautiful rural, predominately Amish, countryside (as shown by the Amish carriage and young boy swathing hay)
- The amazingly wonderful old character churchyard where the wedding was held
- All our moments that will forever be added to our memory bank of the wonderful times we all spend together.



  1. I love the pictures...especially the haying! Way cool!

  2. love the pics! and that fancy slideshow - i just might have to steal it :)