Monday, November 30, 2009

Come on, Vogue.

What started out as a simple family picture before Thanksgiving on the Williams side slowly became the side show in a low-budget circus. No joke. We (Ben and I) have been anticipating this mini-photo session to get material for our Christmas card this year, but in the mean time we decided to get a few more pictures (courtesy of Amanda's facebook page since I am forever camera-less).

Grandpa Owens served as the photographer for this picture, he did a good job getting us all in, but the angle was just off giving the illusion that Ben and I are nearly twice the size as Craig and Regina, which does wonders for my self-image.

We were able to sneak in a good picture before the mutts jumped in and out of the frame. But that didn't detour them from getting in a few of the other pictures and totally distracting everyone.
Craig and Regina posed for a photo with the "grand-kids". Lucy (on the left) was much more inclined to having her picture taken than Macy (on Regina's lap). Frankly, she wanted nothing to do with these shanninigans.
If I do say so myself, I think the picture of Ben and his sister was probably the best of the bunch. They take such a nice picture together (can you feel the slight sense of jealousy?).

There are a few more pictures that aren't published and for good reason. I launched a full-blown tirade to get the "perfect" picture but my thoughts were as well executed as I had anticipated. I sat Ben down, in an uncomfortably crouching position no-less, and scooted in between his legs for a "posed" picture only to look like a giant hanging all over a decapitated knee. Maybe next time we'll get it right!
We're in desperate need of a quality Christmas picture for the card, I'm soliciting the help of just about anyone to get the job done. If all else fails I'll include the first snow-angel of the season from sunny North Dakota.

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  1. Corineah you look like you could be one of the sister with the new hair color. Love the cut. Family pictures are always such a joy!