Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's get political

While I've always veered towards the "Free Speech" state of mind, I understand that mentality comes with a price. The intent of the free speech movement and the perception it conveys to audiences are in most cases, very different. The same could be said with my personal lifestyle.

My personal political views differ substantially from my mostly conservative upbringing - let's face it as far as I'm concerned my opinions are just that "my opinions". So while I hold a special place in my heart for politics, I've kept "mum" on most of my views.

I read recently in an article that Sarah Palin has upset a subset of vegetarians. WAY TO GO SARAH! There is an exerpt from her new book, Going Rogue discussing her personal choice to be a meat eater. While I'm not necessarily supportive of Mrs. Palin as a potential candidate of the United States, I am supportive of her in her role as a professional women, mother, daughter and wife.

Regardless of someone's affiliation, I will think we should at least consider their point of view. Regardless of what view, industry or organization someone represents - I hope that whatever form of free speech that is conducted is done with a)integrity and b) passion.

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