Monday, November 2, 2009

Our humble abode!

Most of you already know that Ben and I took a huge chance on an apartment when we moved to Fargo back in August. The following were the things we knew for certain about the apartment

a) 2 bedrooms, split by the living room on the 3rd floor of a secured building
b) heat and a 2-car garage were paid
c) 6-mth leases are available for the same price
d) pets are not allowed

We had no pictures, no website or any general idea of what we were getting ourselves into, but we did know that we had to move up north in less than 10 days and we were running out of options. We got REALLY lucky, by far not the worst we've lived in.

I've had pictures of our apartments stored on my computer since September. Can't you tell from the watermelon on our table, my gift from mom and dad at Gaylord Watermelon Day!

First off, the ever important kitchen. If you've been friends with us for awhile you'll notice the same kitchen table that Ben's had since junior college (like Stephen Linnebur noticed right away). Also, you'll notice that I'm a big fan of the "Stuff on the Fridge" - we have family and friends pictures, announcements and invitations all over the place!
Nextly (is that a real word) we have the living room with the balcony exit. Notice again (with the exception of the coffee and end tables) that we haven't upgraded to the big kid furniture yet. Maybe soon!

This is the lonely guest bedroom. Maybe someday we'll have visitors! This rooms also doubles as storage, but that's been stragetically hidden from view!

Finally, our bedroom. Not much to say, other than notice the stack of Ben's clothes on the left-hand side. This is a daily struggle - I fold, he puts up. We absolutely love our king-sized bed - its a struggle when we travel now though, we're definitely used to our own space.
I didn't include pictures of the bathrooms (yes, we did score 2 bathrooms - so no more sharing (Corineah likes)), laundry room (which could double as a third bedroom, that's how big it is) or any of the storage space (like closets).
I need to create a little mystery for those of you thinking about packing up for a visit north! We haven't truly moved in - we hope to settle in somewhere (buy a home possibly?), which is when buying the new furniture will come in!

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  1. Love it - I hope we can make a trip to the cold land to visit!