Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our very own "devil dog"

The third member of our family has been on an extended vacation at "Grandpa and Grandma Godsey's" since well, forever. My mom and dad graciously allowed Gage to stay at their house until we were settled in. This morning, during our bi-weekly chat, mom informs me that our sweet little puppy is quickly growing into a large, unruly monster. Unlucky them.

We have carried on conversations that focus on the Gage's "sire" but have continued to come up just short of a clear-cut answer. Most recently Mom has suggested a rather "large" male dog who is owned by a frequent visitor of Gaylord. This dog has a) no name; b) no identifiable breed; and c) is a monster in size.
These photos were taken during September on my last trip home. You can see he does have long legs and gigantic paws. These traits have only seemed to become accentuated with age. He was fortunate enough to be blessed with his momma's good looks (Zoey, not me).
While my Mom suggests that he's a WILD THING, when I visit he's quite the opposite. I've suggested that they spend sometime "LOVING-ON-HIM", as he's a big fan of tummy rubs and car rides.
Since Pudgy is the only dog typically allowed inside, I had to make a plea with mom to allow him limited access to the living room. Hence the blanket. While I didn't include the picture of him torturing the family cat, he did spend a good deal of time getting "man-handled" by her cat-nip toy. The poor thing was in pain, or so Gage thought. Each time he tried to clobber it and the thing squeaked he came running and whimpering in my direction.

Hopefully we can get him up here (I know I say that alot) but I think he's about to the age that we'll have some really bad habits to break (barking, jumping, pooping where you sleep) if we don't get started soon. Craig and Regina may have a houseful of dogs at Christmas time!

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