Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A new look, a new attitude.

As most of you know, for almost my entire natural born life I've been a blonde. UNTIL NOW. With a new career, I thought "what the heck" lets do something different.

Three days before I started my new job I happened to meet a stylist up here who has a real skill! So, I went for it. She also gave me a killer haircut, which I might even like more than the color (which I have falled completely in LOVE with!). We had to re-dye it only a week later, those "silky smooth blonde strands" (as my stylist would say) didn't quite take during the first attempt. However, during the second a darker "CHESNUT" color was used, leaving me with a more reddish appearing mane. It'll blend nicely, I've been assured!

Ben snapped a couple of pictures on the morning of my first day of work, in my 4-day a week garb, "Business Casual". We exercise this quite stringently here - which is nice. It gave me a chance to exercise my shopping bone. ENTER BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY.

Some people do not care for this store, I am aware. But in leau of a TJ MAXX (not a fan), I found 4 pairs of nice (brand name no less) dress pants for $14.99 EACH! Needless to say, its my new favorite discount store! Anyway, my shopping was temporarily halted due to the increasing proximity to Christmas - but I'm always on the lookout for a "SALE" item. I think I got that from my Mom.

My staff can't believe that I was blonde (I apparently wasn't very memorable during my interview, just kidding). But I'm sure they'll get a feel for my true nature on those oh-so-rare occasions I forget that "brain-to-mouth" filter that is synonomous with us blondes.

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  1. Love the hair color, and really wish there was a Burlington Coat Factory around here. We have a a TJ Maxx - I agree with you not a fan. Got to see Ben this weekend. Sounds like everything is going great!